• It starts with you.

    Together, we can tackle protest-related issues, foster connections, and create a strong and united community of change-makers.


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    Who are we?

    At Let Us Speak, we're on a mission to break down legal and social barriers, that stand between passionate individuals and the causes they hold dear.


    Why are we here?


    After thorough research, we found three main obstacles keeping people from joining protests:

    • Doubts about the impact of protests on real change.
    • Lack of activist network or buddies to protest with
    • Uncertainty about their protest rights and potential legal consequences.


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    Our Goals

    • Empower individuals to protest confidently and safely
    • Connect fellow change-makers
    • Track the progress and impact of each protest shared on our platform

    This way, we can help you identify causes that truly resonate with your values.

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    Join Our Community

    We are building a safe space and a welcoming community where we can come together for a brighter future. That's where our 1+ Pledge concept comes in. It's simple: your organization partners with us and commits to bringing a +1 to our events. In return, we handle the event's organization, from protest preparation workshops to short-film screenings. Plus, expect lots of fun and, of course, free drinks!

    Join Let Us Speak today, and let's make a difference together!

  • The faces behind Let Us Speak

    Meet the founders of Let Us Speak: Léa, Margaux and Janne. 


    Together, we lead Let Us Speak, working towards a future where everyone can confidently and safely raise their voice.

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